Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Storage and Maintenance of Training Equipment for Martial Arts Schools

With the popularity of the martial arts rising around the world, martial arts schools are increasingly becoming common in many places. Whatever the style, the type of training equipment can be more or less the same. This article shows you how to maintain the training equipment when they are not in use. 

The martial arts often conjure an image of a solitary hero doing spectacular kicks and strikes to his multiple opponents. It is precisely this image that has propelled the proliferation of martial arts schools around the world, no matter whether the style is from China, Japan, Korea or Brazil. With this come many different types of training equipment, from the punching bag to crash mats to kicking pads. These equipment can last a long time, provided they are maintained well. Here are a few points to take note of when maintaining equipment.
1. Clean regularly
This cannot be emphasized enough. Cleaning with an anti-bacterial agent gets rid of bacteria that can otherwise spread to other students. Cleaning also helps maintain the material of equipment such as kicking pads and punching bags. Of course, the most important equipment that needs cleaning is the training mat. Make sure training mats are cleaned before and after a training session as those are the biggest breeding ground for bacteria.
2. Repair any damage fast
Why not wait, you ask? Well, it’s simple; it saves you loads of money. Smaller equipment like target pads are easily torn and will get worse if not repaired promptly. The target becomes harder to repair when stitching come off too much. Start repairing with the damage is small and it will save you a whole lot of money in the long run. Many repairs can be made with some glue and leather patches. Smaller ones can even be repaired with bicycle tire patches.
3. Check all screws regularly
Equipment installed with screws have to be checked regularly. This is most important for chin up bars and other hanging equipment. A loose screw can mean a major injury for a child or an older person. Make sure screws are well oiled and tightened just right. Make sure also no weight baring metal cables are rusted as this can potentially weaken them. Ban any use of weights machine if the cables are rusted or stretched. Get them replaced.
4. Storing
You might have some spare equipment or extra mats that you feel need not be in the school all the time, or if you regularly organise competitions that require equipment to be in tip top condition, you need to find proper storage for them. A self storage facility could be an option as they usually have enough space for big equipment. Make sure all equipment are cleaned before storage to prevent mold from growing on them. Wrap them in cellophane if you will not use them for a long time.
A well maintained set of equipment will show the professionalism and dedication of the school owner and thus, gain the respect of all the students.