Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cash Find in Brisbane Storage Facility

A large amount of cash, stored in backpacks and other luggage, as well as a rifle, were recently found inside a storage unit in a Brisbane storage facility. The storage company was unaware of the contents of the unit they had leased to a customer. The facility was kept closed at all times and only authorized clients were allowed to access. There were no unusual activities that led storage personnel to believe that there is something strange going on in one of its units.

Police only became aware of the storage unit by accident as a motorcyclist evaded them during a random check at Kangaroo Point, about 10 miles away from the facility.  The 32-year-old man sped thru the checkpoint after being asked a couple of questions by checkpoint police regarding the backpack he slung on his back. Police’s curiosity was piqued when a 100-dollar bill was seen dangling from the bag’s opening. It was later reported that when Police tried to get hold of the bag to inspect, the man quickly sped thru checkpoint. Police was able to identify the plate number and traced it to another individual who later lent the motorbike to the unknown runaway man. It was later found out that the man had no known ties to bike gangs but a search of his home also led to the discovery of a handgun, as well as a variety of drugs. The police is still investigating the identity and the unusual amount of cash and drugs left behind in both his home and the self storage facility.

Acting Superintendent George Sheldon told waiting reporters, "it's not really that often that we seize multiple millions in cash at the self storage facility". Apart from the cash and prohibited drugs, there were also licensed guns found that were reported lost by gun owners. There are more and more items uncovered in the said storage facility, and even its owners are now contacting each client to perform an inspection of each facility, subject to orders of the authorities.

Police are unsure if it is the largest haul of cash in Queensland but it is definitely one of the largest ones they have ever managed to find. The storage unit was confirmed to be leased by the man through documents found in his home.

Self storage facilities are now required to perform thorough checks on what their clients are storing after leasing the units out. It was previously not a requirement, but an option when storage facilities’ owners find their clients to be of dubious background. Although this is the first time to have a reported a haul of cash in a self storage facility, there are other incidents wherein illegal items are found to be stored in various facilities, in particular those located in the suburbs of Queensland, far from the city centre. Because of these incidents throughout the years, more and more self storage facilities are cautious as they get under investigation, which is very costly to the business. Self storage regulators are also looking into implementing rules into implementing a protection programme to facilities in case this happens again after due diligence from the facilities’ owners.