Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dressing Up Your Home for Sale

Ever wonder why some of the best retailers who are carrying the same line of products with the rest are reaching or even exceeding their sales targets? There are so many factors that contribute to their success, but there are some obvious ones. Marketing, presentation, and packaging. Making your sales rack organized, well presented and easier to navigate is just one big factor that lead to high sales. This is also true when real estate companies and agents pre-sell properties - be it condominiums or landed properties. They create a 'showroom' where everything is well organized, planned and beautifully designed. These agents don't actually sell the property, but actually, the idea and lifestyle that entail the property. With a well-organized concept, potential buyers are not bothered with the clutter of the new home.

What if you are selling your home but don't have the resources like these property companies have? What can you do within your means?

You can make your home look as attractive as possible before you have sales inspections. By creating some space and de cluttering your house, you can achieve a faster sale and a better price. Dressing or 'staging' your home for sale is common practice, and involves using new furniture or adding decorative items to make your home more appealing:

  1. Start by simply tidying your home.
  2. Organise storage for furniture that looks worn or out of place. If you feel that there are some pieces of furniture that you don't need even at your new place, just sell or give these away. By doing so, you are saving some storage space and have some extra cash to do the next few items.
  3. Don't buy new furniture -  do this to create a lifestyle that you think your home can achieve to sell to potential buyers. Don't but but rent these instead for the period of the sale.
  4. Have your lawn mowed and your garden cleaned. It is not only about the inside of the house but the external fa├žade, as well. Add plants where needed. You can even plant temporarily, just dig the plant into the ground, pot and all.
  5. Remove all the clutter in your home and place this in self storage as well if you don't have space. But if you can just do away with these, do so. This will save you some money by only hiring a smaller storage space that is just enough for the items that you need.
  6. Make your home mildew free. Make your home smell as homey as possible, so make sure it smells good and has lots of fresh air through it

When you dress your home for sale, it is not about just cleaning it up, but it is all about creating that kind of idea of a lifestyle that you think fits your current home and your potential buyers could latch on and entice them to buy the house.