Saturday, 19 October 2013

Renting a Storage Unit for your Business

Storage units are a great option for businesses that need to free up some space, or have a lot of surplus stock or extra equipment lying around that they don’t want to part with. It’s especially useful for businesses that experience seasonal demand or for storing backup equipment safely, expensive machinery, computers, cooking equipment or any other business equipment that’s costly to replace.

When looking for business storage, make sure you research the facility you intend to use by dropping by and inspecting the location and the building. You’ll also need a list, or at least an idea, of what you want to store (as well as its size) so that you can have a clear idea about the size of the unit or storage space required.

If storing expensive equipment then you may also need to look at insuring it. Whilst the storage units will be insured by the company it’s probably only covered for a minimal amount, which is unlikely to be enough to replace any equipment in the rare case of damages or loss.

Another point to consider is if you’re using the storage unit for emergency equipment, promotional materials, retail stock or seasonal supplies, find out how easily or quickly you can have access to your belongings if it is not 'self storage'. Some facilities will incur a charge each time you want access and so costs can soon mount up if this is the case. Or they may actually close at certain times and you might find you can’t get into the unit until the following day. These are all factors you need to take into consideration before choosing a particular storage facility.

Businesses need to look for a facility that is flexible and secure, as well as being affordable, available 7 days a week and conveniently located. Whether your business is small-scale or a multi-national corporation a business centre self-storage service can assist with freeing up space in your premises and clearing clutter. Money can be saved too as you won’t have to rent a larger building or hire extra security to safeguard the equipment or supplies.  

Storage units are also useful for storing private files and documents and past clients files, these can easily mount up as, by law, client records have to be kept for a certain number of years. These are the kinds of things that take up a lot of space but are hardly ever looked at unless there is an issue that arises where past records have to be examined.

Think of your storage facility as having extra premises but not having to maintain them as the storage service will take care of everything, including the cleaning and security. All you have to do is pay the fee each month and leave the rest up to them.