Monday, 28 October 2013

Preparing Your Business for an Office Relocation

Most businesses will have to go through the process of moving office at some point, whether it is due to expansion or simply the rental lease has come to an end and not to be renewed for some reason. To make your move run more smoothly the first thing to do is compile a checklist of what needs doing, with a time frame so it gets done in plenty of time.

There are particular people that you will need to notify if you want the business running smoothly in your new premises, this is known as a communication plan and ensures you don’t miss anyone off the list. Here is a rundown of who should be included in your plan:

  • Your employees – these should be amongst the first to know about the move and it’s essential they have all the details so they can be part of the process and know what is expected of them.
  • Your customers - all of your clients (especially regular and important customers) need to know about the move in advance, especially if you are changing phone numbers. If you can, notify these people via mail and email, as well as providing signing at your current operation.
  • Suppliers – your suppliers need to know the date and address of your move and location in order to get your delivery on schedule. 
  • Utilities and other services - you will still need electricity and other services at your new premises, so be sure to contact utility companies as well as courier services and the post office about the impending move.
  • Financial institutions - this is often forgotten these days with the prevalence of online banking. However, you will not want new company credit cards and account statements heading to your old address so this is very important.

Be sure to activate a voice message with details about the move if you are changing phone numbers. It is also a good idea to change email signatures to let people you deal with know about the relocation.

Make a plan for the new offices with regards to what each room is to be used as, where the offices are situated, and what special technology and equipment needs to be installed before the move. This also applies to any refurbishment or renovations that might be necessary for the business to run effectively and will be easier to complete before the building is full of people and furniture.
Moving a business can take up a lot of time so the more organized you are, the easier it will be. Moving and self storage services can provide complete packages where they do practically everything, from the packing and loading to the removal and unloading at the new location. If you have the budget for this then it might be worth saving yourself the headache of organizing it all yourself, if not then delegate certain tasks to other members of staff to share the load.